Discernment Counseling

DISCERNMENT  COUNSELING is for couples who are undecided about the future of their relationship and may be considering divorce.  One partner is leaning in and wants to save the relationship and the other is leaning out and reluctant to work on the relationship. Mixed agenda couples account for an estimated 30 percent of couples coming to therapy.  Much research has shown that at the time of divorce  filing, most couples are split on wanting the divorce.  New research has shown that even after entering the legal processs, about 30 percent of individual parents of minor children have hopes for their marriage and interest in help with reconciling.

DISCERNMENT COUNSELING is not couples therapy.  Rather it is a brief exploratory process of approximately five 90 minute sessions although a slight adjustment in time due to scheduling is permitted. The focus of Discernment Counseling is on the decison making about three paths:  to keep the marriage as it has been, separation/divorce, or a six month reconciliation period with an all-out effort in couples therapy (and other resources) with divorce off the table - and then to make a decision about the long term future.


I recommend the book:  THE DIVORCE REMEDY by Michele Weiner Davis. Available at www.amazon.com

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